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ALTUZ Event Planning Services was originally named as Certified Event Planner. The team started in Marikina City Metro Manila with 4 sisters headed by Wendy Vitug Rozon, initially working together to cater with traditional family events like wedding, debut and the like.

The team was with young energetic, passionate members making each and every moment of the event memorable and unforgettable, great experience, as they only happened once in their lifetime. It was a 5 years of service to clients who are mostly recommendation from previous families.
Wendy, the team leader went abroad to explore more possibilities and gain better knowledge. Now she came back to Philippines to share her expertise in handling various events which is now registered under the business name ALTUZ Event Planning Services.

ALTUS/ALTUZ meaning: It is a Latin word meaning high, deep, noble and profound.

ALTUZ logo: The “A” logo speaks of its elevated position, a sense of rise above the rest of other event planners due to its vision, navigating spirit and discoverer attitude. The big part of “A” reaches deep due to its unselfish mission and vision. The color fireworks design talks about celebration and joy. The “infinity line” is a symbol of infinite service to the community, where success should be given back, which ALTUZ believes a noble and profound mission.

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