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Caffeinated Photographers was founded in Dipolog City, Philippines on November 4, 2011 by Mario Dandi Romano with Paulina Uy, Camellia Alferez, Miracle Romano, and Rose Alferez.

Caffeinated Photographers was initially just a temporary moniker for the group that was inspired by their shared love for coffee and photography.

They were soon joined by Travis W. Forbear and Ralph Nordstrom from the United States, Kah Kit Yoong from Australia, Marina Cano from Spain, Jacques Chevalier from Belgium, Gio Tarantini, Francesco Cosi, and Francesco Gola from Italy, Frank Lassak, Stefan Hefele, Christian Richter and Ronny Behnert from Germany, Hengki Koentjoro from Indonesia, Alexey Trofimov from Russia, André Torrès and Emmanuel Dautriche from France, Lars van de Goor from the Netherlands, and Goran Kalanj from Serbia, Albena Markova from Bulgaria – the original five Caffeinated Photographers and these nineteen Honorary Caffeinated Photographers make up the core group.

The name was an instant hit with the fans and the Official Caffeinated Photog-raphers page eventually spawned a Facebook group that now has thousands of members. What started as an informal gathering of friends over espresso after sunrise and sunset photo shoots quickly developed into a group with almost 6,000 members worldwide.


We have just launched a new project - CAFFEINATED IN EVERY CONTINENT - that gives our members free access to information about great places for photography in areas that they may be traveling in. It also allows members to meet up, coordinate photo walks, etc. should they find themselves in the same area. Other useful information about hotels, restaurants, tourist sites, hospitals in specific areas are also made available to our members.

You may now register for the Caffeinated Photographers Project for free (http://www.facebook.com/CaffeinatedPhotographersInternational). Please "Like" the page then click on the "Message" option in the new page and send the following details:

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