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Located at the heart of Naga City, we provide photo and video services for weddings , birthdays, and other events.

Started liking photography when I was a kid. I like how colors make our world full of emotions, from warm to cold colors, from dull to vibrant situations. At a young age, I couldn't get hold of any photography devices. So for a very long time, I was just a fan of all the wonderful and breath taking pictures I see in the magazines. I almost forgot the passion I had for photography until my fiance then and I are preparing for our wedding. We had to choose between the best photographers in our area. We ended up with EG Largoza Photography, a decision that was never been a mistake. He was my schoolmate back in highschool. I can't deny the fact that I envy him of his profession. He was so good that I am speechless of the output he made for our engagement session It was then when my passion for photography burned again, with a different fire. A year later after our wedding, I bumped into EG and asked for advice in buying a Camera. I was so excited that day and night I am researching what can i afford and what best fits me. He then informed me that the camera that was used for our wedding was on sale for a very reasonable price. I knew I bugged him pretty much most of the time after I received the Canon EOS 7D. Asked him for tips and everything. He threw me some important tips. I even asked him to conduct a photography workshop that I can attend to. Counting the days until now, I owe my knowledge in photography to EG Largoza. But as every student goes, there will be time that you have to stand on your own and graduate from asking tips. I am still working on my style, but I fell in love with shooting portraits. That is where the name of this page came from. I shoot portraits for engagement sessions, birthdays, debut, and at times night events. But for a big wedding, I'd be happy to refer you to EG Largoza photography. I hope you enjoy the photos from my page :)

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