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Weddings signal the start of a lifetime. From the nitty gritty details to the final touches, the couple spent precious time and hard earned money to make the occasion memorable and one of a kind, one for the books. From the moment the couple had decided to tie the knot, considerations arise. Where will the wedding take place? Is it a church or a beach wedding? How will the guests be selected? What will be the best motif and mood of the celebration? What will be my wedding giveaways and decor?

These and other concerns bug the couple and their families. Truth to be told, a lot of wedding ceremonies fail due to a lot of factors, one of which is miscommunication between the couple and the organizing/coordinating team. Another is unmet expectations for both parties. The solution is simple. Be on the same page with your beloved client.

Heavenly Weddings Cebu was born out of a passion for a hassle free celebration of life and love. The team comprises of passionate men and women who had braved the waves and the rigors of coordinating and creating experiences — weddings. One of the aims of the company is providing the value for money experience for the couples. Every detail of the wedding is equated into hard earned money shelled out just to achieve their dream.

Heavenly Weddings Cebu has already been in the industry for a happy 13 years and counting. The team traces its humble beginnings from a small team who made sure that even the smallest and intimate celebrations are being executed with meticulous care. We treat our jobs seriously since we always place our best foot forward for our clients. We do not scrimp on the quality of our services because we believe in the power of positive feedback. We don’t only consider it as a business, but a family affair. We live and breathe love and sincerity for our clients. It has always been our primary core principle to always protect our credibility by having integrity as a part of our customized package for our clients.

We know it is a success with just a simple message of thanks from our guests. Being one of the PIONEERS in the wedding provider industry here in CEBU, we had taken note of the ins and outs of the business and had already sought ways and means to be sustainable even in the event of the tough competition. We had been there and had helped couples to attain weddings even at an impossible instances and circumstances. At the end of the day, word of mouth of our efficiency helped us propel ourselves in the ever changing dynamic landscape of the business. When our clients decide to partner with us, we always make it a point to give them an equal footing on the decision making. After all, we are a team of professional planners and we are always there to help and to support the couple and their families.

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