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People would usually ask “Why Lampara?” “What’s with Lampara?” Actually, I used the term Lampara in commemoration of my late partner Zeus (Father to my first born). He used Lampara as “NickName” on mIRC when we first met. He died last December 2006.
Lampara Studio started way back in 2008 when I was just a hobbyist who loves taking photos of kids/children. That’s when I decided to use the name Lampara and created a page/site where I’ll put all my output shots.

My favorite subject then was my first born, Mikyla Yzabel. No plans of putting up a business like this for it is just my liking to take photos during my idle time. But thank God for friends who used my talent and the news spread that fast, inquiries turned to bookings and then everything is history.. From a soloist photographer, then came the team of Photo + Video + SDE.. so on and so forth..

Thanks be to God! Giving back all to GLORY to HIS NAME!

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