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Capture your once in a lifetime moments with award-winning wedding videographers and photographers.


Our company ventured into the wedding industry thirteen years ago. After thirteen years, our primary aim remains the same- to deliver timeless and elegant wedding photos and films that become constant reminders of the bonds of true love and lasting commitment.

Through the years, we at Mayad, aim to reinvent ourselves to give you the best of what we can offer. We create ways to pave the different possibilities of telling your love story. Enhancing what can possibly happen on your big day is one of our utmost goals. We love opening your eyes and guiding you to a direction of beauty you once only dreamed of sharing to your loved ones and to the world. With that, we would like to present our front-liners, the very hands responsible for molding your wedding video to answer the why’s and how’s of love. Together with the familiar faces we have loved for years, we would like you to meet our new director, an additional gem in our growing team. In the name of quality, each of them is equipped with a unique approach to capturing the most important moments of your special day. And with these new improvements, we hope to show an even more fervent degree of passion through our work.

Kristopher “King” Caldera

King specializes in shots that can fit into any mood and times. King has been all over the world, shooting wedding videos at some of the most picturesque destinations one can think of. This exposure gives King the advantage to see shots and angles in a broader sense. Fashionable angles with a hint of risqué experimentation, you’d feel like a star inside your own wedding movie. You won’t help but share your timeless video to your friends and family.

Carmela Dy Hubag

Carmela has an eye for capturing moments in all its raw beauty. Making sure that her cameras are placed strategically to catch the needed shots (before, during and after your wedding), one can see all the emotions playing in every moment included in her short documentary-like pieces. Classic themes dominate her shots and most of the aimed at captivating. These short pieces of art leave you or any viewer reaching out for another piece of tissue to wipe your eyes dry afterwards.

Carl Tejada

Light-hearted moments sure to elicit and evoke fun times, Director Carl makes sure that all his wedding pieces leave his couple and their guests smiling. Funny doesn’t mean, though, that the moments have no potential of making you shed happy tears.

Jed Regala

Jed has an eye for details that pieced together delivers your love story in the most mind-blowing way. He lingers and waits for his shots; making sure that the important ones get captured and included. Technical details are of particular importance. His style is as dramatic as his unique ideas: minimal, simple and elegant. Fluid in storytelling, Jed adds a little flavor of youth and a dash of simple drama into all of his finished wedding pieces.

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