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I am Mike "Mikada" Bactad, a Baguio City Photographer.

I started out photography simply for the love of taking and capturing different things into photos. I joined the Baguio Photographers Club and attended my first photography workshop there. That is where i learned the basics of photography and came to understand that in photography; it is not simply pulling out a camera and clicking the shutter to take the picture, but, there are rules to follow and break to turn something into a work of art.

After trying streetphotography (simply taking photos of different things I see around while walking), I came to enjoy taking photographs of people. I felt really happy when I was able to take a photo that a client really loved. That was when i pursued portrait photography and dedicated time honing my skills in taking breath-taking portraits of people. I am not scared to get down and dirty as long as I can get that great picture of a client.

As of now, I am mainly into fashion, portrait, runway, model shoots, and even cosplay portraits. I also do weddings, debuts, birthdays, and other events.

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