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Because human beings and human behavior are eternally captivating, we, at Paperclick Media attempt to capture all of human emotions, antics and response, both old and new. A smile, a stare, a giggle, that look of amazement, each is different, each and every time.

We would like to keep an unobtrusive presence while filming because we believe that feelings cannot ever be staged. The sparkle in your bride’s eyes and her female clique, all smiles for their friend and for their dresses, or the nervous grin on your groom while his barkada looks on, the same barkada who predicted he’ll be crying like a baby once his bride starts walking down the aisle, your mother on the verge of not letting you go: all of these moments deserve constant mental playback.
In the days that will follow your wedding, you will find out how you have been indulged with a playback button that will let you relive that beautiful day. Or get caught up in a captivating trailer, or music video, starring you. What we aim for, is to stir within you a feeling of déjà vu because this scene has already happened sometime in your dreams.

It has been said that the human mind spends most of its time creating perfect moments and remembering what has already been stored in it. While you can only wish for a mental playback button for that special day, Paperclick Media has captured all of that in motion poetry.

What we have up our lenses is not event coverage. This is Paperclick Media wedding cinema.

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