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Other than skill, equally important, I think, is the photographer’s intangible ability to make other people feel comfortable in their own skin. This ability is intrinsic to the photographer alone, and cannot be taught or shortcut.

As an introvert and someone who is naturally aversive to be in front of the camera, Rainbowfish’s Matet and Rae are my go-to photographers because they make it a point to bring the client’s sometimes hidden identity out in a very visual manner. I think that secret to that is that they start to build the relationship even before, during, and soon after the shoot session is over.

And they have such an ease to them - constantly laughing, making the day fun, creative, spontaneous. I’m lucky, as a friend and client, because they know how awkward I can be and so they constantly find ways to create a patient and accepting environment to capture the photos I feel best represent me.

Cebu is lucky to have them too because they constantly innovate and elevate their craft to accommodate the collective taste of the times.

Thanks, Tet, Rae, and the rest of Rainbowfish!

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